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Aeore Healer

The Aeore Healer Laksis was a friend of Einhasad in the early
days of the Giants. He combined his holy magic with the abilities of Einhasad to
create a new type of power. This new holy power, known as Saha, spread rapidly
throughout the Giants. Those who handled Saha became essential in battles.


Class Information

Bestows life to allies while cursing his enemies with death and decay
When it comes to healing arts, the Aeore Healer reigns supreme, renowned for his ability to
heal even the most terrible of wounds in mere seconds. At the same time, his spells
have the exact opposite effect on his enemies, literally draining them of life.

Class Evolvement

Aeore Healer evolves from Cardinals, Eva’s Saints, and Shillien Saints.

Aeore Healer Skills and Enchantment list

Here you can see the Skills for the Awakened Aeore Healer. In the skill list the details
are as it is shown in the Following order, the skill icon, the level requirement, skill name,
skill level, skill type, skill Description, skill elemental Attributes,
Skill Reuse time, Skill MP cost, Skill HP cost and last skill SP cost.
And below is a link to to a more detailed paged for that skill, there it will also show if the skill is
enchantable and the enchant routes will be shown at the skill detail page.

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