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Yul Archer

Yul Archers have inherited their powers from the Giant hero sharpshooter, Cranigg.
He had a third eye that gave him piercingly keen eyesight to a very long range.


Class Information

The Yul Archer is a master of the art of marksmanship, and with a bow or a heavy crossbow it allows
him to slay his enemies at a great distance. He moves with incredible speed and
enjoys unlimited ammo thanks to his enchanted quiver.

Class Evolvement

Yul Archer evolves from sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel and Trickster

Yul Archer Skills and Enchantment list

Here you can see the Skills for the Awakened Yul Archer. In the skill list the details are as it is shown in the
Following order, the skill icon, the level requirement, skill name, skill level, skill type, skill Description,
skill elemental Attributes, Skill Reuse time, Skill MP cost, Skill HP cost and last skill SP cost.
And below is a link to to a more detailed paged for that skill, there it will also show if the skill is
enchantable and the enchant routes will be shown at the skill detail page.

Click to go to the desired skill level