Fantasy Island – Krateis Cube

by Hypnocrit June 6th, 2010

So much blood in Kratei’s Cube …
So much of my own blood, covering what use to be a floor.
Arms weak, nerves decaying, legs twisted.
I should have trusted my gut feeling, now I can’t even
feel my gut.


-Lady NikKrateis Cube Fantasy Island


Kratei’s Cube is a PvP and PvE addition on Fantasy Island that allows players to fight against one another and creatures in a twenty minute timed matched. Unlike other events, players earn points for killing other players, as well as creatures within the Kratei Cube’s maze of rooms. Players with the highest point total after the round is over earn Fantasy Isle Coins, which can be exchanged at the Fantasy Isle’s NPC Paddies for valuable rewards. Finding and slaying a rare creature is worth up to 50 points and could mean the difference between victory and defeat! Also, whenever you die in the Cube, your CP, MP and HP are fully restored, so you can go right back into the fray if there is time left on the match with no points or xp loss.

Kratei’s Cube is available at the ever-expanding Fantasy Isle area and is accessible to players level 70 or higher. With up to 25 players in addition to the Kratei’s Cube creatures, there will be enough challenge for everyone! And with matches starting every half hour, there is hardly any downtime. If players missed entry for one match they only need to wait for the next, or if the match is complete, sign up for the next! Kratei’s Cube is perfect for quick, fast paced action that doesn’t require a lot of down time — just jump in and fight.

Getting Started

To register for the event first talk to Kratei’s Cube Entrance manager.(pic 1.1)

NPC Entrance Manager

1.1 NPC Entrance Manager

He is easy to get to just ask NPC Paddies to teleport you to Kratei’s Cube.
There are three types of level ranges for participation:

70 – 75, 76 – 79 and 80+ the following rules must be meet:
You must pick the correct level range, for either of the three events.
You can not be in party.
You can not be overweight or use more then 80% of the inventory.
You can not be in a chaotic stage, red or holding a cursed weapon.
You must have registered 3 minutes before the event starts.
The   Kratei’s Cube event starts every half-hour and full-hour. You have to sign the latest 3minutes before the event starts or else you have to wait for the next half-hour or full-hour. When there is 3 minutes remaining until the event starts you will be teleported in to the spawn room.
There you have to wait the other 3 minutes, there will be a countdown before the event starts to alert you of the remaining time.
Once you enter you will get Haste lvl 2, Windwalk lvl 2, Empower lvl 3, Acumen lvl 3, Concentration lvl 6, Might lvl 3, Guidence lvl 3, Focus lvl 3, DeathWhisper lvl 3, Berserk Spirit lvl 2. and a invulnerability buff that lasts 3 seconds. All buffs except the invulnerability buff lasts 20 minutes.
So you will be buffed the entire time you are in the Kratei’s Cube, even if you die you will get new buffs upon re-entering.
All buffs that you had proior to entering Krateis Cube event area will be removed.
If you get buffed and leave the Krateis cube area you still have your buffs that you got from the event.
Summons and pets that enter the area will not get buffs.

The Event

NPC Rare Creature

1.2 NPC Rare Creature

As soon as you enter it is free for all, you will spawn in to a random room with monsters. The mission is to score as many points as possible in the 20 minute timeframe.
Killing a monster give you 3 points, killing another player give you 10 points and killing the rare creature(pic 1.2) gives you 50 points.
All monsters and player give 0XP and 0SP but each point that one get will give you XP and SP when the event is over.

Monster – 3 Points

Player – 10 Points

Rare creature – 50 Points

Kratei’s Cube is built as the name sounds, it’s a huge 5×5 matrix cube, thus it has 25 rooms with cubes combined in to one another with gates opening and closing at set intervals. There are four different types of mob spawns.

NPC Krateis Watcher

1.3 NPC Krateis Watcher

It either spawns 2, 3, ,4 or 5 monsters in a single room.
The spawns will stay the same in each room for the entire match, but then that room may well have different spawns in the next match
The speed of the respawn will depend on the speed with which you kill the mobs. Kill faster, the monsters respawn faster!

In the center of every room there is a Kratei’s Watcher(pic 1.3) that either glows blue or red. If it glows red it will give a debuff. It’s either one of these

poisen (damage)
fire (damage)
slow (no damage)

If it glows blue it will either heal your HP, MP or CP or all three over time, it depends in what room you are in. To make it change color from blue to red or red to blue just attack it once and it will change it’s color.
When you change a Kratei’s Watcher the Kratei’s Watcher in the adjacent rooms will also change
The buffs/debuffs change when you change the Kratei’s Watcher color. So if you don’t like the buffs, turn the Kratei’s to the other color and then turn it back and you may get the buffs you want.

All Monsters in kratei’s cube counts as undead and drop herbs.

As the monsters give 0 XP you don’t use vitality hunting in here, neither do Vitality give any extra bonus on the XP or SP earned at the end of the event. This means you can still earn xp and regenerate vitality at the same rate as resting in town.

If you die in the Kratei’s Cube you will respawn back in the spawn room, just talk to the Match Manager(pic 1.4)

NPC Match Manager

1.4 NPC Match Manager

to get back and fully buffed and ready for fighting again.



The rewards for participating in the event is XP , SP and Fantasy Isle Coins.
The Fantasy Isle Coins is depending on what place you got and how many people was participating.
Everyone also gets XP and SP depending on how many points the got.

Level 70 – 75 = 1800XP and 180SP per point.
Level 76 – 79 = 2100XP and 210SP per point.
Level 80 – 85 = 2740XP and 274SP per point.


Fantasy Island Coin Reward Chart

Participants Placement Coin Reward Chart Base coin Reward
1-5 people Regardless of Placement No Coins 10
6-10 People 1 Place. 

2 Place.

3-10 Place.




11-15 People 1 Place. 

2 Place.

3 Place.

4-15 Place.





16-20 People 1 Place. 

2 Place.

3 Place.

4 Place.

5-20 Place.






21-25 People 1 Place. 

2 Place.

3 Place.

4 Place.

5 Place.

6-25 Place.









MrNuker is a level 78 StormScreamer and is dying to try out his new Arcance Mace on  fellow players and decides to join a game of Krateis Cube. MrNuker do the 20 min match with 22 other people and have a blast.  He managed to kill 7 players and 150 monsters and he only died once. And he ended up pretty well on the score board as he got on second place. His score will be counted as follows:

He kills 7 players and 150 monsters, that will get him 520 points, (7*10) + (150*3) = 520

520 points give him (520 points * 2.100 XP) + (520 points * 210 SP) = 1.092.000 XP and 109.200 SP

And for placing on second place with 23 participants he get 90 Fantasy Island Coins.

Thanks to RumPunch and Akjosch

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