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Darkelf – Classes and Skills

The Elves banished the Brown Elves, who had abandoned Einhasad and came to
follow Gran Kain. A battle ensued among all Elves. The Brown Elves, acting on
a plot of Dasparion’s, used a deadly spell to annihilate the Tree Elves.
But some of the Tree Elves, with their dying breath, laid a curse upon the Brown Elves.
The curse rotted the woods of the Brown Elves and they became a race of darkness,
and whent underground to hide from the light.
- Thereafter, Brown Elves were known as Dark Elves.

“A Storm Screamer and a Spectral Dancer ”


Darkelf Fighter Basic Stats

92 56 77 42 39 35
Darkelf Mystic Basic Stats

39 30 37 85 77 73


Darkelf Basic Racial Skills

darkelf race skillsShadow Sense heightened your senses and night.
Increases Accuracy +3 at night.
- Basic Racial Skills are removed when a class is Awakened -

Darkelf Awakening Racial Skills

darkelf race skillsDark Presence Increases STR and INT at night.
By nighttime the Darkelfs STR and INT increases by +1
darkelf race skillsWind Blessing Increases Wind Atk. and Wind Resistance.
Increases Wind Atk+10 and Wind Resistance +10
darkelf race skillsLife Siphon Converts a certain amount of damage inflicted on an enemy into HP to restore the caster.
Recovers 1% damage done as health
darkelf race skillsAcceleration Removes all debuffs and increases your run Spd. And makes you untargetable.
All Debuffs are removed, for 5 seconds run speed is increased by 30. And makes you untargetable.
darkelf race skillsSharpness Increases Physical and magical critical damage.
Physical critical damage and spell critical damage is increased by 208.

- Racial Awakening Skills are obtained when a class is Awakened at level 85 or above -


Darkelf Class Descriptions


The class names is the Darkelf 3rd class change, and awakening class is what they change to at level 85!

Shillien Templar -> Awakening class Sigel Knight
The Shillien Templar uses dark arts to assist him in battle. With cubics and death magic the Shillien Templar is a truly a unique tank class.
Spectral Dancer -> Awakening class Iss Enchanter
The dancers of Shillien is truly a member you want in you party. The Dances the Spectral Dancer has is a must in any party. The dancer will increase you damage out put to new levels.
Ghost Hunter -> Awakening class Othell Rogue
A chill down your enemies spine is all they fell before you put your knife in there back. With high STR and great Focus skills the Ghost Hunter is truly a great dagger class. The Ghost hunter is debatable one of the best killing classes in the game.
Ghost Sentinel -> Awakening class Yul Archer
A Ghost Sentinel is the only archer class that uses deadly magic to assist him in combat. With Casting speed trigger buff and Ghost Piercing the Ghost Sentinel is truly a unique archer class.
Storm Screamer -> Awakening class Feoh Wizard
The storm Screamer controls both the elements of darkness and wind. With it’s very high INT the Storm screamer is a fear on the battle field. If a Storm Screamer is allowed to stand untouched while doing its damage the enemies will die like flies.
Spectral Master -> Awakening class Wynn Summoner
Summoning dark creatures from the under world to do his biddings, the Spectral Master get a great Summon, the Spectral Lord that is a fierce monster that will tear trough any mans bones, with a word from it’s master.
Shillien Saint -> Awakening class Aeore Healer
The healing of a Shillien Saint is not like the other races, using dark arts to reanimate you body when they heal you is a lot more pain full then a gentle touch of a Evas saint.


Darkelf Skills


Each Arrow represent a class change. 1st at level 20, 2nd at level 40, 3rd class change is at level 76. And last one Awakening at level 85


Palus Knight Shillien Knight Shillien Templar Sigel Knight
Blade Dancer Spectral Dancer Iss Enchanter
Dark Fighter
Assasin Abyss Walker Ghost Hunter Othell Rogue
Phantom Ranger Ghost Sentinel Yul Archer
Dark Wizard Spell Holwer Storm Screamer Feoh Wizard
Dark Mystic Phantom Summoner Spectral Master Wynn Summoner
Shillien Oracle Shillien Elder Shillien Saint Aeore Healer