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Dwarf – Classes and Skills

Never trust a dwarf, unless you are rich.
Then you can trust him untill you run out of adena or Ale
What ever comes first

” Dwarf female and male warrior ”


Dwarf Fighter Basic Stats

87 53 85 39 37 40


Dwarf Basic Racial Skills

Dwarf Craft race skillsDwarfen Craft Can read Dwarven recipe books.
Can Add Dwarf Recipes to your Crafting book.

Dwarf Weight Limit skillsWeight Limit Increases your weight limit.
Doubles your basic weight limit.

- Basic Racial Skills are removed when a class is Awakened -

Dwarf Awakening Racial Skills

Dwarf race skillsEndurance Reflects received physical damage back to an enemy and restores a certain amount of HP every second for a certain period of time.
For 5 seconds Reflect 50% of Melee Physical attacks, and recovers 92HP per second
Dwarf race skillsDexterity Increases the power of attack skills.
Increases all the Skill damage by +2%
Dwarf race skillsEarth Blessing Increases Earth Atk., Earth Resistance and P. Def.
Earth Attack and Earth Defense increases with +10, and PDEF +16.

Dwarf race skillsEarth Tremor Rocks the earth to knock nearby enemies to the ground.
Knocks down surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.

Dwarf race skillsSummon Siege Golem Summons a Siege Golem.
Summons a Siege weapon. Requires 400 Crystals: R-Grade.

Dwarf race skillsSummons Wild Hog Cannon Summons a Siege Golem.
Summons a Siege weapon. Requires 600 Crystals: R-Grade.

Dwarf race skillsSummon Swoop Cannon Summons a Swoop Cannon.
Summons a Siege weapon. Requires 500 Crystals: R-Grade.

- Racial Awakening Skills are obtained when a class is Awakened at level 85 or above -

Dwarf Class Descriptions


The class names is the Dwarf 3rd class change, and awakening class is what they change to at level 85!


Fortune Seeker -> Awakening class Othell Rogue
The Fortune seeker, get a skill that is called Spoil with spoil the Fortune Seeker get a chance of getting a extra item from the monster that they are hunting.
The spoiler is a always welcome partymember. Not because of there Damage or there high HP but because the party members usually share the spoils
Maestro -> Awakening class Tyrr Warrior
The Maestro also have high STR and CON as their counterpart but they get a few more benefits then the Fortune Seeker. The Maestro gets small buff skills that can be helpful, and they have the ability to summon warmachines in to battle.


Dwarf Skills


Each Arrow represent a class change. 1st at level 20, 2nd at level 40, 3rd class change is at level 76. And last one Awakening at level 85


Scavenger Bounty Hunter Fortune Seeker Othell Rogue
Dwarven fighter
Artisan Warsmith Maestro Tyrr Warrior