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Elf – Classes and Skills

Shilen instilled the spirit of water into the first form that was created.
This is how the race of elves was created.

- The Legend

” Elf Archer and a MysticMuse ”


Elf Fighter Basic Stats

82 61 82 41 38 37
Elf Mystic Basic Stats

36 32 38 74 84 77


Elf Basic Racial Skills

elf Elemental Heal race skillsElemental Heal Basic Self Heal.
Restores one’s own HP with 71 Power.
- Basic Racial Skills are removed when a class is Awakened -

Elf Awakening Racial Skills

elf icon SwiftnessSwiftness Increases Atk.Spd, Cast.Spd. Run Spd. when not in combat.
Attack speed +4, casting speed +3. Movement speed +13 when not in combat.
elf icon WaterBlessingWater Blessing Increases Water Atk., Water Resistance, and MP Recovery bonus.
Water Attack/Defense +10, MP regen +2.0.
Delicacy Increases P. Critical Rate and M. Critical Rate.
Physical crit chance +15, Magical crit chance +10
Prevision Increases P. Evasion and M. Evasion for a certain period of time.
For 15s increases Physical / Magical evasion by 30.
- Racial Awakening Skills are obtained when a class is Awakened at level 85 or above -

Elf Class Descriptions


The class names is the Elf 3rd class change, and awakening class is what they change to at level 85!

Evas Templar -> Awakening class Sigel Knight
Like a shining beacon of light the Evas Templar stand strong on the field of battle, With there Cubics the Evas tepmplar is a force to recon with even if they have low CON and STR compared to the other tanks.
Sword Muse -> Awakening class Iss Enchanter
The Sword Muse have the voice of protection, a party with a Sword Muse will survive great dangers that would otherwise conquer them.
The Sword Muse is probably one of the least played class in Lineage 2. If you want to be a must in any high level party a Sword Muse is a very good pick.
Wind Rider -> Awakening class Othell Rogue
Like a wind of death the Wind riders flows trough the battle striking the mages and healers when they least expect it. The windrider has the highest evasion of all the daggers in Lineage 2.
Moonlight Sentinel -> Awakening class Yul Archer
The Moonlight Sentinel Rain down arrows at the same time the enemies miss there attacks. The Moonlight Sentinel might have the lowest damage of all the archer classes, but with a very high critical attack rate and run speed they are the perfect archer.
Mystic Muse -> Awakening class Feoh Wizard
With there Arcane powers the Mystic Muses uses the Elemental of water, the Elven nukers has the fastest casting speed of them all and is a very powerful nuker. The Mystic Muse might have the lowest M.atk of all the mages but with there casting speed they compensate for that easy.
Elemental Master -> Awakening class Wynn Summoner
The Elemental Master or also called the “Pony Masters” summon magical pony’s, the Summons have great uses and are very good in hunting in AoE (Area if effect) partys. Their cute, they have pony’s, their deadly!
Evas Saint -> Awakening class Aeore Healer
The Evas saint is a mixture in both being a healer and a buffer class. In pvp the Evas Saint is a great backup healer and recharger. And in party’s the Evas saint can take the role as a healer. The buffs the Evas saint get like Clarity and stun resist are great in both PvE and PvP.


Elf Skills


Each Arrow represent a class change. 1st at level 20, 2nd at level 40, 3rd class change is at level 76. And last one Awakening at level 85


Elven Knight Sword Singer Sword Muse Iss Enchanter
Temple Knight Evas Templar Sigel Knight
Elven Fighter
Elven Scout Plains Walker Wind Rider Othell Rogue
Silver Ranger Moonlight Sentinel Yul Archer
Elven Wizard Spell Singer Mystic Muse Feoh Wizard
Elemental Summoner Elemental Master Wynn Summoner
Elven Mystic
Elven Orcale Elven Elder Evas Saint Aeore Healer