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Human – Classes and Skills

Gran Kain shouted with great pride to all the world and instilled spirit into the creatures

of his own image. However, the result was terrible. His creatures were weak, stupid, sly,

and cowardly. All the other gods despised Gran Kain’s creatures. Overcome by the

shame of his failure, Gran Kain abandoned his creatures and went into hiding for a time.


” Female and Male Human Mystic ”

-These creatures are called humans.

Human Fighter Basic Stats

88 55 82 39 39 38
Human Mystic Basic Stats

38 27 41 79 78 78


Human Awakening Racial Skills

Aim Increases and reduces the chance of receiving critical hits.
Critical chance +3%, chance to receive critical -3%
Mental Fortress Increases M.Def, P.Atk, and M.Atk.
M.def +18, P.atk+32, M.atk +31.
Fitness Increases HP Recovery and MP Recovery bonuses.
HP/MP regeneration + 1.0
Unbind Removes Poison/Bleed/Hold/Stun effects and renders the caster immune for a certain period of time.
Removes Poison / Bleed / Hold and Stun effects and will become immune from these effects for 10s
- Racial Awakening Skills are obtained when a class is Awakened at level 85 or above -


Human Class Descriptions


The class names is the human 3rd class change, and awakening class is what they change to at level 85!

Dreadnought -> Awakening class Tyrr Warrior
The class Dreadnought is a master of AoE (Area of effect) and if played right and with the right setup, also arguable one of the best leveling classes in Lineage 2. Even if the Dreadnoughts are not the best in PvP, a Dreadnought with high enchanted AoE stun skills can hold multiple enemies pinned down and let the Damage Dealers wipe them out one by one.
Duelist -> Awakening class Tyrr Warrior
The Duelist wield two swords, one in each hand. Dealing out massive burst damage against there enemies. There “Triple Sonic Slash” skill can kill weaker classes with one hit. With plenty of hit points to back them up, a Duelist is a class people stay away from on the siege field.
Phoenix Knight -> Awakening class Sigel Knight
The class Phoenix Knight will rise up on the battle field to protect its friends once more with the Soul of the Phoenix. With heavy armor and shield the Phoenix Knight stands in the midst of battle keeping his friends out of harms way. The Phoenix Knight is a wanted tank class either if it’s a PvE Party or for PvP.

Hell Knight -> Awakening class Sigel Knight
The class Hell Knight always has his Dark Panther besides him in battle. The Hell Knight has studied the dark arts to use it to assist him in both PvE and PvP. Stealing buffs and there CP from other players to weaken them just to Drain there last Health with Magic skills or a quick strike with there sword.
Adventurer -> Awakening class Othell Rogue
Adventurer is arguable one of the best daggers in Lineage 2. In PvE the Adventurer’s attack speed skill come in handy and with there Moderate Strenght and highest CON of all dagger classes it a beast to handle. Even if the Adventurer lack some attack skills that the other daggers get in there higher 80′s Adventurer is still a great asset in PvP and PvE and can take out many classes with a blink of an eye.
Sagittarius -> Awakening class Yr Archer
The Sagittarius is a great Archer class in Lineage 2. With high CON and there “snipe” skill the Sagittarius reaches longer then any other archer class. The Sagittarius is one of the most played Archer in Lineage 2 and it is for a reason.
Archmage -> Awakening class Feoh Wizard
The Human Mage the Archmage is a dabbler in fire magic, with scorching balls of flame the Archmage will heat up the battle field to a new level. The Archmage is a middle thing of the 3 types of nukers in Lineage 2. They don’t have the highest damage out put and they don’t have the highest casting speed. And they don’t have the lowest either.
Soultaker -> Awakening class Feoh Wizard
A Mixture between a nuker and a summoner a Soultaker will with his “Death spike” deal high damage to anyone that angers him, at the same with the magical bond called “Transfer Pain” on his lifeless summon they can take a lot more damage then a regular nuker. Top that of with Debuffs that would bring any man to it’s knees, the Soultaker is a very dangerous foe.
Arcana Lord -> Awakening class Wynn Summoner
The Arcana Lord lord is a pure summoner, with the great assistance of different types of summons the Arcana Lord is a great Summoner. The Arcana Lord really shines when he gets his Feline King to assist him in combat.
Cardinal -> Awakening class Aeore Healer
The Cardinal is the only true healer class in Lineage 2, Many of the other ones are a mixture of both buffers and healers, but the Cardinal is a Pure healer. He is wanted in any party for whatever purpose. The Cardinal has the best healing skills and healing buffs there is to have. If you want to be a true healer this is the class to pick.
Hierophant -> Awakening class Iss Enchanter
The Hierophant is a over looked and probably and not really loved class, with out really being a proper buffer or a proper healer the Hierophant gets stuck in the middle. The Hierophant is on the other hand great for small duos or trios and great as a backup buffer. One thing that the Hierophant do have to it’s advantage is there protective spells that will keep any party member safe from the power of the elementals.


Human Skills


Each Arrow represent a class change. 1st at level 20, 2nd at level 40, 3rd class change is at level 76. And last one Awakening at level 85


Warrior Warlord Dreadnought Tyrr Warrior
Gladiator Duelist Tyrr Warrior
Fighter Knight Paladin Phoenix Knight Sigel Knight
Dark Avenger Hell Knight Sigel Knight
Rogue Treasure Hunter Adventurer Othell Rogue
Hawk Eye Sagittarius Yul Archer
Sorcerer Archmage Feoh Wizard
Wizard Necromancer Soultaker Feoh Wizard
Mystic Warlock Arcana Lord Wynn Summoner
Cleric Bishop Cardinal Aeore Healer
Prophet Hierophant Iss Enchanter