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Kamael – Classes and Skills

Wisdom and Death combined in such a beautiful and flawless form.
Makes one wonder if the gods are toying with us

” Kamael Soulhound and a Trickster ”


Kamael Fighter Basic Stats

88 57 80 43 36 37
Kamael Mystic Basic Stats

40 28 38 82 78 75


Kamael Basic Racial Skills

Kamael race skillsSoul Mastery Absorbs the soul of the enemies, to increase there skill damage.
73 or more Exp is needed to absorb a soul. Maximum of 5 souls can be absorbed.
- Basic Racial Skills are removed when a class is Awakened -

Kamael Awakening Racial Skills

Kamael Race skillBattle Instinct Increases PVP damage and reduces the MP cost for skills.
1% increase in PvP damage and 5% reduction of MP use for skills
Kamael Race skillDark Blessing Increases Dark Atk., Dark Resistance, Silence Resistance and Fear Resistance.
Increases Dark Damage and Dark Resistance +10, Silence and Fear resistance increases +20
Kamael Race skillSoul Protection Defends against debuff attacks for a certain period of time.
Doubles your resistance from Debuffs for 20 seconds.
Kamael Race skillBody Reinforcemnent Transforms into ultimate combat form for a certain period of time.
Transforms in to the ultimate combat form for 5 minutes.
Kamael Race skillFlying Body Reinforcement Transforms into ultimate combat flying form for a certain period of time.
Transforms into ultimate combat flying form for a certain period of time.
- Racial Awakening Skills are obtained when a class is Awakened at level 85 or above -

Kamael Class Descriptions


The class names is the Kamael 3rd class change, and awakening class is what they change to at level 85!

Doombringer -> Awakening class Tyr Warrior
The Male Doombringer , is one of the most beatiful creations ever made in Lineage 2. The Doombringer uses Ancient Swords to slay there enemies in battle. With Disarm, Ranged stun attacks, self buffs that increas there Pdef and Mdef and the power to wield the Enuma Elish one can wonder if anyone really can stop the Doombringer in battle.
Soulhound -> Awakening class Feoh Wizard
The soulhound is the Kamael class that both the females and the males can pick, a Soulhound is a mixture of being a nuker and a melee class. Some say that a Soulhound is far from a nuker and some say they are the best nukers. But one thing everyone say is that the Soulhound is extremely good in high end pvp, with there buff canceling skills and there Paralyzing skills.
Trickster -> Awakening class Yul Archer
The Trickster is a Female Kamael class only, The Trickster uses the weapon type arbalest, they also set traps to bind and damage there enemies.
Judicator -> Awakening class Iss Enchanter
The fabled Judicator is one great class, the Judicator can only be played after the Kamael has taken his second subclass to level 75. But when you get there it is worth it, The Judicator has buffs that no other class ingame have. The Judicator has the power to buff and recharge there entire party.


Kamael Skills


Each Arrow represent a class change. 1st at level 20, 2nd at level 40, 3rd class change is at level 76. And last one Awakening at level 85


Berserker Doombringer Tyrr Warrior
Male Soldier Trooper
Soul Breaker Soul Hound Feoh Wizard
Arbalester Trickster Yyl Archer
Female Soldier Warder
Soul Breaker Soul Hound Feoh Wizard
Inspector Judicator Iss Enchanter